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By Erin Trahan
Since Oct. 7, screenings across the country have been canceled, postponed, and cited in a federal lawsuit.


The new documentary Israelism examines the growing generational divide among Jewish Americans on the question of Palestine, with many younger Jews increasingly critical of Israel and less supportive of Zionism.

Israelism Still 01_1.86.1.jpg

The documentary 'Israelism' charts the growing disenchantment among young U.S. Jews toward the Jewish state. Since the October 7 massacre, there have been calls to boycott the film, with allegations of antisemitism being made against the Jewish directors.

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Ryan Grim speaks to the filmmakers of “Israelism,” a documentary on the unique relationship between American Jews and an idealized version of Israel.


By Matt Shuham
University of Pennsylvania administrators told a student group it could lose funding and organizers could face consequences
for screening "Israelism."


By Zara Norman July 17, 2023
Though the Maine International Film Festival closed Sunday, a couple of films that were highly in demand during the festival are to be screened again in the coming weeks.


July 16, 2023
Co-directors Eric Axelman and Sam Eilertsen talk about their newly-released documentary “Israelism”, which follows the evolution of the beliefs of two young American Jews.

Israelism Still 01_1.86.1.jpg

By Mira Fox February 24, 2023
I was not raised attending a Jewish day school, or Hebrew school on the weekends, or even a Jewish summer camp. Apparently, if I had been
, I might have been subjected to heavy propaganda about Israel. That’s the thesis of Israelism, a provocative and professionally edited documentary that premiered this week at the Big Sky Film Festival, criticizing American Jews’ loyalty to Israel.


When two young American Jews raised to unconditionally love Israel witness the mistreatment of Palestinians, they battle the old guard to create a new movement opposing Israel’s occupation, and recentering Judaism itself. That's the story of Israelism, which makes its world premiere Thursday at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival. Filmmakers Eric Axelman and Sam Eilertsen visited the Trail 103.3 studios to discuss the film.


By Arno Rosenfeld July 15, 2021
The questions were tucked toward the end of a lengthy poll of American Jewish voters: do you agree, the Jewish Electorate Institute asked respondents, “that Israel is an apartheid state?” Do you agree that “Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians?’’


By Farah Stockman June 11, 2019
Halfway through a 10-day tour in Israel, Risa Nagel had a decision to make. The 25-year-old grant writer from Seattle...

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