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Where can I watch Israelism?

Israelism will be available more widely than ever very soon. Stay tuned for an announcement in early May.


Does the film have closed captions?


Yes, the film has closed captions in English. We are currently working on translating subtitles into other languages.


Can I donate to the film/film team?


Yes, you can use the following link to give either a one-time donation or a recurring monthly donation to our documentary production company behind the film, Tikkun Olam Productions. 

If I rent the film, buy a ticket to a screening, or make a donation, where does the money go?

After any portion kept by the theater or online platform, your purchase or donation supports our ongoing educational and impact campaign around Israelism. Israelism is owned by Tikkun Olam Productions, a democratically-operated nonprofit collective that produces films and media for social justice causes. It takes a substantial amount of work from many people to support our screening campaign, we are often doing a screening every single day and the majority of our in-person screenings are free and open to the public. Many screenings actually cost us money after theater rentals and travel costs, and we try to accommodate screening requests from community and campus organizations regardless of their ability to pay. We are in this for the long haul and intend to continue screening the film and organizing conversations even if the news cycle moves on. Additionally, we are donating a portion of all proceeds to respected charitable organizations supporting humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza for the foreseeable future.m

Please visit Kinema’s FAQ for further technical assistance:

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